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Doggy Newz

  • Truffles, along with caviar, are among the most expensive foods in the world. Because they grow underground, people use trained dogs or pigs to find them. But the distinctive smell of truffles is not only of interest to gourmets. A group of scientists has discovered that the smell of white truffles is largely produced by soil bacteria which are trapped inside truffle fruiting bodies.

  • Ridding the world of rabies in humans is cost-effective and achievable through mass dog vaccination programs, an international team of researchers says. A rabies vaccine has long existed. Even so, the disease kills an estimated 69,000 people worldwide -- that's 189 each day. Forty percent of them are children, mostly in Africa and Asia. The disease is spread primarily through the saliva of infected dogs. Once a person develops symptoms, the chance that he or she will die is nearly 100-percent.

  • In a first-of-its kind study that combined molecular and environmental data, researchers performed a search for genes under environmental selection from domesticated sheep breeds. They identified 17 genes that are involved in energy metabolism, endocrine and autoimmune regulation.